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Fifteen Years of Great Music and Charity


Thanks to the Eau Claire Ragtime Festival performers listed below, who brought the joy and exuberance of their music and talents to the community, showcasing America’s original and historic music genre.

In fifteen years the Eau Claire Ragtime donated over $100,000 to the community through gifts to the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic, Feed My People Food Bank, Chippewa Valley Habitat for Humanity, Interfaith Hospitality Network, and The Community Table.

This Festival will be missed by ragtime lovers, and you are all urged to support the many other opportunities to enjoy early jazz and ragtime that are offered throughout the state and country.

Jacob Adams The Harp Ensemble Ragtime Ramblers Festival Dixieland Band
Afterdark Barbershop Jim Huwe Laura Reali
Quartet Jennifer Herdrich Matt Rietlinger
Erik Akervik Frederick Hodges John Remmers
Susann Almasi Brian Holland Wesley Reznicek
Meredith Axelrod Ivory&Gold (Jeff and Anne Barnhart) Steve Rhyner
Annie Bailey Kathy Johns River City Ramblers
Faye Ballard The Jugglenauts Alex Sandor
Andrew Barker Ruth Juntunen Tim Sandor
Tyler Bauer Brian Keenan Bill Sell
Lora Beebe Sue Keller Eric Shore
Mimi Blaise Marge Knops Morgan Siever
Neil Blaze Ted Lemen Janet Sommers
Nicole Bognar Carl “Sonny” Leyland Daniel Souvigny
Bill Brown Judy Lies Martin Spitznagel
Brandon Byrne Jack Love St. Louis Stompers
Tony Caramia Dave Majchrzak Stadtpfeifer Brass Quartet
Chippewa Valley String Quartet Andy Muenich Steve Standiford
Clauson Family Band Harold Muenich Monty Suffern
Danny Coots Larisa Migachyov Adam Swanson
Jared Dibartolomeo Bob Milne Amanda Tanzer
Ann Doberstein Marty Mincer Ruby Thomas
John Paul Donahue Molly Nordin Butch Thompson
Whitey Dodge Judy Olson Trebor Tichenor
Wayne Duesterbeck Jim Ostrom Virginia Tichenor
Bill Edwards Stephanie Owen Tigerloo
Marty Eggers Galen Parker Virginie Tubbs
John Endres John Partridge Dave Tucker
Eddie Folk Will Perkins Craig Ventresco
Jim Gallagher Pianomania Jerry Way
Josh Gallagher Nate Plummer Sandy Williams
Ron Gard Jack “Doc” Radloff Adam Winrich
Louis Gravrock Jim Radloff Dale Young

The Chippewa Valley Free Clinic received a donation of $8400 this year. Thanks to everyone who attended and made this a fabulous event.

Chippewa Valley Ragtime Society Spring Concert

Sunday April 13: 1:30 - 4 p.m. in Ingram Hall

Historic, Toe-tapping American Music 1890-1930

Featured Guest: DANIEL SOUVIGNY  (13)  Hampshire, IL                

        2012 Junior World Champion Piano Player &, Yo-Yo Guru

Josh Gallagher, Jim Radloff, Virginia Tubbs, Ragtime Jazz Band, RBFloats Vintage Sheet Music and more.  For More Information: 715-834-6897  

Also check out the Chippewa Valley Ragtime Society Newsletter

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